blueseventy racing


I am a perfect 9 out of 9 finishes at IMTX Here is a short summary of my race. -Back spasms at 1500 in on the swim. Heel to the chin. Punched the canal wall, Legs heavy until mile 30 of the bike. Lost 2 bottles of nutrition. Rationed out my calories and fluids. (Never do anything new on race day. PFFFT!) I ran out of fuel and took a banana at mile 100. I haven't had a banana in yrs. My Infinit Custom blend and Castelli kit was the only positives until this point. Oh yeah. the volunteer lost my left sock in T1 somehow. I now have a funny looking sunburn on my left foot. Thank goodness I finished the bike with a friend and he had an extra pair of socks that happened to fit. (another don't do anything new on race day thing). I don't think I would have been able to run more than 3 miles in those shoes without socks. I had to change kits in T2. (and find a sock) The other kit would've been too tight for me to run comfortably. The run was all about pain management. Fighing off back spasm the first 12 miles. Had to stop about every 500 yds to stretch my back and at every aid station. Finally, the back relaxed enough for me to run at a decent pace. From then on it was about fighting off cramps from the heat and how much pain I could tolerate. Thanks IMTX for the extra souvenir of bruised and bloody knuckles. 11:31 finish on a challenging day and 46th AG. I'll take it.

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