Blue70 Racing

First Tri of the 2023 Season

Great Venue and well organized

Did this race a few years ago when they only offered the Sprint Distance.  This year they added an Intermediate, which wasn't really a full Olympic Distance, but close, and this race is held where I train on a regular basis and literally only about 3 miles from home.  Couldn't pass it up.  

Getting ready for Cactusman at the end of April in Tempe, so I thought this would be a good checkup to see where my training is and if there are any tweaks that I need to make. 

Struggled last year, not so much with the endurance side of things, but struggling with speed and pace.  Have been working a lot more intervals and track work, so I was curious to see if it has helped.

I had an amazing day.  The only mistake, was not seeding myself properly for the swim (I am not the best swimmer, so I put in a bit slower swim time than I probably should have).  I ended up having to pass several people, which made it a little stressful, but I had one of my best swim days in a long time.  Bike was also really strong despite some pretty steep hills on the course.  Made sure to stay strong, but not burn out the legs on those hills, so that I still had something left for the run.  All the track work I have been doing really paid off today.  I was able to keep up my normal 5k pace the whole way.  

Felt really good, hope that I can keep the momentum going into April

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