Blueseventy Racing

Unusual start - Great finish!

Hilly but beautiful course, on a great fall day in AZ

Have done this race before, but it has been a few years - so I was excited to come back out and try it again.  Just three weeks out from the 70.3 in Tempe where the swim was cancelled because of weather, I was eager to get the chance to put some of my recent swim training to the test.  Water was not too bad - about 67 degrees, actually warmer than the air temp (45) that morning.  Swim course was laid out differently than in the past and there was some confusion among the swimmers because of it, at one point I was swimming toward a buoy and someone was headed the opposite direction coming straight for me!  Managed to miss each other, and I was able to pull off a decent swim time for me.  

Jumped on the bike and headed out for a 2 loop hilly course that really challenged the legs.  After the first loop, I made sure to push just hard enough the second time around to still keep a decent pace, but still keep enough in the tank for what I knew would be a challenging run.

Felt good going out on the run.  Have had issues in the past few longer races with calf and leg cramps, so have been tweaking my race day nutrition with some extra magnesium and sodium.  Managed one of my best times on the run, despite the hills and no cramps!!! Yay.

Was very pleasantly surprised after I finished to find out that I was the 3rd Overall Female in the Olympic Distance.  Woohoo!

Good day all around.  

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