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A lesson on race recovery and joint pain penalty

It was actually a VERY unpleasant run for me. I especially felt hip flexor and knee pain just one hour in. Dropped pace substantially for survival mode. Finished in excessive time, but without stopping.


2022 NYC brought us unseasonably high temperature and humidity and a yellow caution flag event.  The med tents were overwhelmed with overheated delirious runners suffering from excessive body temperatures


I started the race strong and tackled the first 10k with zest. My HR was 148 bpm by mile 8 and began to notice unpleasant joint pain in my hip flexors and knees. I slowed my pace in hopes to alleviate my body stress.  The miles when by but I found no relief. By the second half if the marathon I reduced my pace by almost 50% and ran the rest of the race in survival mode. I ran with just too much pain; time was no longer a matter, but just race conclusion albeit without ever walking.



Seems for me the combination of inadequate recovery time since Berlin (6 weeks ago), unseasonable temperature (68-72 degrees), super high humidity (80-85%) and overzealous finish time goal lead me to a fast start with high HR and early on slaught of join pain. I guess I need to take Advil at long run race starts going forward.

I found my limit: 4 marathons in 13 months. This one with just 6 weeks recovery was just a bad idea.

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