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Ironman California 2022 Race Recap

Recap of the inaugural Ironman California

I was there last year for the rain out, so I was very excited to be back. This race lived up to the billing of being fast, until the wind (Headwind and cross-headwinds) kicked up at a 20-25mph average out in the farm lands, with very little downwind miles.  It made for a longer day on the bike, but those who saved their legs were rewarded with a less painful flat, and scenic marathon course. If you go, keep in mind that many competitors, myself included, were running in total darkness, with no lighting, for about 8-9 miles in Discovery Park. The aid station at 10 miles had headlamps, but they were gone by the time I got there.  The downriver swim was great (2nd in my age group), and while the 3/4 mile run to the bike was longer than most, IM had everything well organized in transition. For a first time event, I felt like IM did a great job.  Of course, there are always whiners, but the big picture is that this race was enjoyable.  Downtown was a great place for the venue/finish line, and has great dining options, and the volunteers were especially enthusiastic.  It was worth the wait!!

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