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Executed Race Plan in Excess

My return to the Odyssey SwimRun at Casco Bay was rewarded with a 6 1/2 hour finish time, rank 26 out of 38 long course participant teams.

The Odyssey SwimRun at Casco Bay long course invites registrants to SwimRun across 9 islands (and 3 coves), at Casco Bay, Portland Maine.   There is a long & short course. As described, the Long Course enumerates 12 runs & 11 swims. All Long Course participants must run with a partner.  The longest swim is 966 meters < 0.75miles. The longest run is ~4m, typically 1.5-2m. The trek covers approximately 24 miles total (swim ~4, run the rest)



This year’s odyssey swim run at Casco Bay reversed the course I ran in 2021. 2022 brought us near average seasonal water temperature at 61°F., air ambient 72°F.  Our race plan was simple. Run hard, beat last years time and most important enjoy the event.


I (we) trained well but I added a lot of practice with the hand paddles.  I believe that specifically improved my time and endurance in the water. We also used the tether line liberally in the water to benefit from swim draft. This gave me more zest during the run and even at times of break when I was in tow.



We executed our race plan in excess. We completed the long course in 6 1/2 hours, besting my 2021 finish by over one and a half hours. Now experienced in SwimRun, I was better prepared to take in the course. Specifically useful was the training with hand paddles and liberal use of the tether line with swim drafting race day.

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