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Racing at altitude

Quick, low-key 5K in Denver

This race was such a random entry. I was supposed to be running a 10K+ this weekend back home in the DMV. But our Annual Meeting for USMS got changed from next weekend to this weekend, so I needed to find a race to fit my schedule this weekend while in Denver. I lucked out and found this race associated with the Arapahoe County Fair that was close enough to get to and on Thursday evening.

I was definitely nervous about racing at altitude - I figured it would be radically different than just running at altitude like back in March in Moab. But it went 1000x better than I anticipated. I had a goal of sub-30:00, with a stretch goal of holding under 9:00/mi pace. So to go an 8:42/mi pace and not wanting to die at any point before, during, or after the race was awesome.

This is another race that has helped with my confidence for the Baltimore 10K. Here's hoping I don't get sick from the Annual Meeting and can keep training like I've been doing!

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