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Let's make a day of it

Summer trail fun

This was one of the MCRRC low key races, way way out in the western part of MoCo. I didn't have any expectations going in, since it was only a week after Summer Nationals.

I ran in sight of both Amy and Denise the whole race, which is amazing. They're both hardcore, long time runners that I met on Thursday Muddy Shoes runs and 100% are faster than me. So to keep them in view for a full 7K is a huge win. This was definitely another confidence booster for me.

We decided that Jeff would come with me to the race and hang out while I was running and then hit up Locals in Poolesville for breakfast. The weather was amazing for mid-August, so it was a really lovely day. Finishing 2nd in the age group was a fun discovery once we got home.

On a tangent, finding the Muddy Shoes group (and the Rock Creek Saturday group) has been amazing. I'm able to run 6+ miles on trails in all kind of weather without feeling like I need to do the 4/1 pattern, and the amount of hills that I get to do every week is going to help with the ~3mile 3% uphill grade in Baltimore. Here's hoping my mantra of making hills my superpower comes to fruition in October! (with thanks to Alexi Pappas for the mantra)

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