Blueseventy Racing

Way Overdue Recap

It was a learning experience.

So Spring Nationals definitely did not go quite as planned here in 2022. I had high hopes for this meet in all my events. But my backstroke events were a pretty big disappointment.

My 50 free and 100 free were terrific swims - both masters lifetime top 5 times. At age 41.

My 50 fly was outstanding - I dropped a ton of time and executed the race really, really well.

As for the disappointments that were my backstroke events, I got some things figured out that would hopefully lead to a better Summer Nationals. And to longer term physical durability. The nagging pain and lack of strength/range of motion in my right should definitely reared its ugly head in all these events. So I finally got into PT the week we got home from San Antonio. And the soul crushing exhaustion that I felt after my shave-and-tapered worst 200 back time was the call I needed to get myself to see a hematologist to try and deal with the insanely low iron levels I've been dealing with. Two crazy expensive iron infusions later, and I was cautiously optimistic leading into Richmond...

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