Blue70 Racing

Race #3

Hot Day in Eastern NC, was able to stick to my plan on the bike and was just hanging on for the run but the swim was too slow.

Overall it was a good race, made some gains on the bike and the run- unfortunatley the swim is still the weak link. The swim was a 400 meter swim in the brackish water of the New River in Jacksonville,NC. The water temperature was 85 degrees so wetsuit wasn't an option so I went with the PZ2TX Smikskin needing all the help I could get. I came out of the water 21st with an average pace of 2:10 per hundred yards and a total time of 10 minutes 03 seconds and had a slower than usual transition getting to the bike. The bike was a flat 17.5 mile course and I was able to hold a 20 mph pace- this is the first time I have been able to hold a 20 mph pace throughout the entire bike portion of the race- total overall time on the bike course was 52.39 and put me at the 13th fastest bike split. My plan for the 5k was to hold a 7:45 min/ mile pace, I ended up at a 7:43 min/ mile average but it wasn't how I planned it. I didn't pay attention to my pacing on the first mile and when my watch went off I looked down and it was a 7:15 min/ mile pace, I knew at this point I was going to be in trouble because it was getting really hot really fast and there wasn't any shade to be found,  I started paying more attention to my pacing and hit 7:49 min/ mile on mile 2 but at this point I was pretty much done and hung on for 8:02 min/ mile on the final lap. Good enough for 11th OA and 1st in AG.

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