Blueseventy Racing

Exceeded my goal :)

Told family I'd probably run around 1:47; I ran 1:45

When this race was first canceled in 2020, I chose to defer rather than receive a refund or donate the entry fee. In 2021, it was canceled again, but the option then was to run the distance virtually and be able to run 2022 for no more entry fees, so I chose that. Having family in Columbus made that an easy decision.

In looking at the course elevations, it appeared hilly - especially the last 3 miles. I was even concerned I would not run 1:47. 

The weather was cool - 50s - but also wet. Fortunatley only an occassional light rain rather than a steady rain or any heavy rain. Wearing a baseball cap definitley helped. If the rain is not on my face, I find it is not too uncomfortable. In the start corrals, I spotted the 1:45 pacer and thught I'd try to keep him in sight as much as possible and see how long I could do so.

I slowed at every water/Gatorade station except for the first and the last ones. I grabbed a gel at the one station they had, but did not eat the one I grabbed. I was carrying a couple with me and took one around mile 6 or 7. I also was carrying a small bottle of electrolyte drink with me just so I could wash the gel down if I was not near a water stop when I took my gel, which is what happened. And took another drink from my bottle at another point in the race. I am also an ambassador for Run Gum so chewed that throughout the race - a new piece about every 4 miles.

I continued to spot the 1:45 pacer and at times estimated he was only about 30 seconds ahead, but I did not want to spend a lot of energy trying to catch him. Looking back now, maybe I should have? But pacers never seem to slow for water/gels, so I'm sure I would've fallen back again at some point.

My niece & her husband were trying to cheer for me along the course as well as cheer for another friend. I saw them around mile 4 whihc was perfect for being able to give them my gloves and arm sleeves since I was warming up. I did not see them again until maybe mile 12, but keping an eye out for them the entire time helped moivate me as much as spotting the 1:45 pacer.

Well, the hills were not as bad as I thought, even the final 3 miles. But I did slow down over the last couple of miles :( I'd been running around a 7:58 pace for the first 11 miles (official splits were 7:59 @ mile 3 and  7:58@ miles 7 & 11). So the last 2 miles were much slower. My final time was  1:45:35 (an average of 8:04 for the entire distance). SOme day, maybe I'll be able to run a negative split :)

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