blueseventy racing

Tougher the better

My favorite SwimRun. It is tough and I have always learned from racing this race.

I found out about SwimRun in 2018. It took me until 2019 to race one.  I signed up for this race in 2020 and we all know what happened.  I raced this for the first time in 2021.  I placed third overall. I fell on the last run leg and I still swear that my SwimRun suit saved me from getting a ton of nasty gashes. 

I came back this year knowing I really wanted to finish the race without falling.  Water temperature in the lake was 60 degrees, air temperature was around 42 with a breeze. 

I was super excited to race it again. I also had my new Blueseventy swim paddles. Anyone else love it when their gear matches? 

The beauty of swim run is it is a bit of a navigation race as well as a test of endurance. Every swim leg felt great.  The last run I usually found the most difficult. Whether it did or not, I always feel the most challenge to keep going up.  

Great news, I finished, no falls, and managed to claim second this year. If the swim had been just a big longer and the run had been just a bit shorter I might have snuck in a first place. 

Major thank you to Rip It Events for putting on this race. If you are thinking about trying a SwimRun do it. If you need a SwimRun suit - get the Blueseventy version. 

If you have questions about the gear or what may work or not, let me know. 

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