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That’s Racing

Goal: re-qualify for Worlds with an allocated slot. Swim: canceled, 3’ surf.. normal beach day back home in NY = red flags in PCB. Bike (2:09): TT start 127th.

First :35 was how the entire ride could have been without so much illegal drafting. Passed stragglers and first pack of 15+ drafters. Got into rhythm until second draft pack of 12; kept the momentum to pass entire group at once. But it was mile 15, and one by one they passed me back and slotted in illegally. I had a word with a few of them: “this ain’t the Tour De France!” Time :35-1:13, I chatted with a dude who told me how he did “all the work” for them and got spit out the back. I chilled until the turnaround to get them downhill. Took nutrition & let the pack pull up a bit. As I got steam and bridged the gap, the first ref passed me; I waited. Then a second ref, no cards either. The pack slowed to look good for the refs; I didn’t, passing them and the ref’s moto in a legit effort to break free. 1:03-1:13 I held threshold for about 10 minutes until the overpass to try and break free! The pack caught me slowing for a narrow, technical trail section; we actually went through Publix parking lot; everyone bunched up. Some minor quad cramps from all the accelerations to race legally. Time 2:00-2:09 the illegal draft pack was smaller and more manageable to get away from. I didn’t want to roll into transition in a peloton! Picked an ideal opportunity. The unsteady ride affected my run. I did the best with what was given; that’s racing. Run (1:37, one of my slowest): First 5k: Quad/hammy cramps resolved as HR came down. Pace picked up through 5k and I thought this would keep up but no. So I paced the middle 10k. Last 5k: Hot AF. Bumped up the effort/cadence/HR which got me some time back. Finished the bike-run AG 7th. My wife and daughter being there to see me was incredible. Thank you Carla for giving me the top AG splits on run; thank you for supporting me in every way. #blueseventyracing

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