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Icebath/run swim run maryland

An icebath after each run is good right?

I am not a cold water swimmer. This was the coldest open water race I have done at 57 degrees. Air temp was balmy on the low 40's to start.

Leading up to the race it was not forecast to be as cold as it was, otherwise I would have looked at some different/additional gear.

Gear used: blue seventy reaction wetsuit, bs70 paddles, and bs70 swim buoy. Additional gear I would have like to have would have been the calf sleeves for additional warmth.

Leading up to the race, my training had been a little lacking. Still nursing an Achilles issue from last year, so running has lagged a little. My swim volume has been right where I would like it to be.

A couple of issues during the race, the laces came out of the paddles during swim 3, so spend a little time fixing that. The swim buoy was not quite what I wanted, I rigged it how I have seen most done around the thigh with 2 cords, but I had to tighten it up several times. I have seen a couple where it is rigged around the waist, and I need to look at that a little more closely. 

I have not checked my placing, but the intent of this race for me as an early season race is to be a wake up call, and it certainly was that. 

No complaints with the wetsuit, but I regret have the sleeves cut to the elbow. I did that for greater movement. Should I decide to take swim run more seriously I could see having a need for one with longer sleeves as well 


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