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First race of the season (sprint) and better than expected

The temperature has changed, and the races are coming in hot! 

Just writing my very first race recap ever, it should mean something. Here is what happened during the race day!

First alarm went off at 5AM, please have everything ready the night before - there's always something you might forget 

Then breakfast - Eggs - rice and water - not a coffee person! 

And here is the hardest part I believe, wake up my baby daughter (2 years old) and then start the driving to the race venue! 1hr and 10 minutes, pretty easy drive from Alexandria, VA. I will be doing all races this year driving distance, having a baby the logistics are now in another level!

Got the race venue, this company Kinetic Multisport just knows how to run races of this size and they do it just great! easy pick-up for your package (number/swim cap/t-shirt/decals) and the rest just went so smoothly.

Now it's 8:30AM one hour before the start, so I got some electrolytes and a red bull. Play with my daughter and that worked for warming up.

9:30AM and the sprint started so here it's where I want to say Blue70 and its fusion wetsuit just nailed. This is my first long sleeve wetsuit and not being a great swimmer just helped me a lot! just to give you an idea, I was almost 2 minutes faster than my first time doing this race back in 2019 with a short sleeve wetsuit. I have to say, this is not because I’m better swimmer now, the wetsuit just did the trick.

Then as I always said since family got bigger, #PinkIsTheNewBlack, my daughter and my wife just make this races so enjoyable and fun that at the end of the race and noticed I was 4th place in my age category, which was a nice surprise since I haven’t been able to train as it should have. Anyway, that’s what the new life as dad is about! Think, accept, adapt, and have fun no matter what.

Just to finish this up, the bike was business as usual however this time I found some traffic so did not help much, but safety first and just chill until I can got some power to the pedals.

Finally the run was very nice, I have to be hones I don’t like the races where there are so many surfaces, and in this case you go thru grass, trail and road but everything was fine and this was the very first race where I was able to carry my baby to the finish line and I hope all dad’s out there that have done this, just feel beyond this planet!

People stay safe and train smart! Enjoy the journey!



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