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first pool triathlon

First triathlon of 2022 is in the books.

Participated in the Kinetic Smithfield Sprint Triathlon.  Well organzied event in a cute little town.  It was the first pool triathlon I've participated in.  The self seeding mechanism a little rough.  I tried to get in line at the appropriate time, but the line wrapped around the building and after waiting in line I realized when I got to the pool deck I would be behind people that were back stroking and breast stroking.... When I saw this, I activley started moving in front of people by asking them what their expected time was.  It was only a 300 meter swim and it all worked out ok. 

The bike was a short 10 miles.  The temperature was a bit brisk and took about 10 or 15 minutes to warm up.  Only a couple of hills.  There was a little car traffic to be on the lookout for and the last quarter mile was stuck riding behind a couple cars.  My garmin read a total of 380 ft of ascent.

The run was mostly flat with little to no car traffic.

The post race meal was awesome bbq from Q Daddy's.

Overall, great race and start to the 2022 triathlon year!

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