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Trail Running in the High Desert

Four glorious days in the Moab desert

This running retreat was really a sort of impulse purchase back in October when I finally made the decsion to register for it, after having stared at the random ads for it on Facebook for a few weeks. If you had asked me 3 years ago when I first started running for real if I would ever go on a running vacation, in the desert, on trails, I would have just laughed at you. But it was an amazing decision to sign up for this retreat.

Work has been a major charlie foxtrot since we determined that we needed to get our ISO 17025 certification for our lab. I basically pulled 90% of the weight in the project since we signed the agreement back in February of 2021, and with all my other committments (professionally, athletically, and volunteering), it's been a huge stressor for me. For a long time.

This trip was the light at the end of the tunnel for months and the wait was totally worth it!

Four amazing days of trail running (almost 23 miles in those 4 days) with 11 lovely ladies (and our 2 terrific retreat leaders and 2 amazing guides) was just what the doctor ordered for my stressed out self. I discovered a TON about myself, both personally and athletically. I really feel like I can call myself an athlete at this point, not just a swimmer. This was a large part of signing up for a Level II retreat, having never really trail run before. I wanted something that would be challenging, but doable, and this trip was the right balance for sure. And I discovered both that I'm halfway decent at trail running and I'm not a terrible runner in general. None of these things are things I expected at my age and after being convinced for years (decades really!) that swimmers aren't athletes and swimmers don't run.

For any of the ladies out there reading this, I highly recommend the retreats put on by Run Wild Retreats. They are well planned, filled with like minded women, and worth every penny you'll spend. There are 3 levels, so you can choose what is right for you. And even within a level, you can choose what is right for you on any given run.

I also got to see a Blueseventy Racing teammate after the retreat - Jen Carlson was in Moab with her husband visiting his mom, so the 3 of us got to go hiking before I headed back to Colorado to get my flight home!

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