Blue70 Racing

Pre Season 5K with a PR

A last minute sign up, no training, and still a PR.

Officially, my 70.3 training schedule kicks off next week. I signed up last minute to run a 5k in Denver without having run much recently so I had pretty low expectations. I signed up about 20 hours before the race was going to start, only to have it cancelled due to ice. Even with the extra few days to prep, I didn't get much running in since I am still deep into ski season here in the Colorado Rockies.

The race was finally rescheduled and took place this past weekend. It was definitely not icy and we had a nice dry course across Cherry Creek Dam. It's been several years since I have raced in a 5k, so despite not being in great race shape, I was able to post a PR for this distance and finally come in with a sub 30! Official result was 28:46. Definitely proud of it! 

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