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Soggy Start to 2022

5k run back home in Harrisburg to start the new year

So 2022 started off soggy in the Mid-Atlantic. But that didn’t stop almost 300 of us from getting out and running the 6th Annual City Island 5k/10k. This is one of a number of races that takes advantage of the Walnut Street Bridge (built in 1890) still being connected to the East Shore of the Susquehanna River. Queueing up on City Island gives race directors parking and space to set up timing out of the way of Harrisburg traffic. I think the Harrisburg Marathon and the Harrisburg Half also start here.

The course is a flat, fast out-and-back that uses the riverwalk portion of the Capital Area Greenway, along with the eastern spans of the Walnut Street Bridge. The only reason this year the winners were slower than usual is having to dodge all the puddles and goose poop (the warm weather hasn’t encouraged the geese to head a bit further south as of yet, so there were TONS of geese hanging out along the river).

As for me, I apparently need to have my husband to chase down to run good times. I was 4 seconds off a lifetime PB for the 5k (after a 1 minute parkrun PB last week on Christmas morning). I don’t know what I’ve changed up in the last few weeks, other than trying to kick a bit when running, rather than the shuffle-y gait I’ve had for the last few months. When I had been kicking before, my shins and calves would be wrecked, but that’s not happing now. And with the same shoes I’ve been running in. I’m not going to question it, even if it is maddening to not know why! Especially when it's actually not just races that are faster than I'd been running for most of 2021.

2022 is off to a good start on land – here’s hoping for a good start once I’m back in the pool!

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