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Solstice SOS

Decent tune up for Colonies Zones next weekend

8th Annual Solstice SCM Swim Meet - Germantown Indoor Swim Center

This meet is always a bit chaotic, but this year definitely took 1st place.

Started off with the new blocks - the facility got new fin blocks (and backstroke wedges - more on that later) a few weeks ago and knew that they fit really snuggly into the deck. What they didn't realize is that they were going to need a car jack to get them out of the mounts for SCY and into the mounts for SCM. Since all the facility staff was dealing with that, the meet host was scrambling to get the other stuff (lane ropes, backstroke flags, etc.) handled before warm ups. So we walked into an absolute circus. And mind you - due to COVID protocols, the deck wasn't supposed to open to swimmers until 2:15. We got there at 2:05 and there were already close to 50 swimmers on deck.

On those COVID protocols - they wanted us to be 3 feet apart at all times, but didn't provide any more bleachers on deck than normal, they didn't extend the insanely short 30 minute warm up period AT ALL, and they didn't rent more than their usual 2 warm down lanes in the instructional pool.

So, on to my races. All were in a practice suit that thankfully didn't die during its pandemic break!

THE GOOD - 100 free split in the crescendo relay- 1:03.36. Faster than Meredith's 100 free and she was suited. 50 fly - 31.79. Only about a second slower than my LCM 50 fly from nationals in October, and nearly a second faster than 2019. I'm now bummed that I'm not doing this one next weekend.

THE BAD - 50 back (with no d*mn wedges!)- 33.87. Signed up for this expecting at least the cheap FINIS wedges. At least my usual epic backflop start didn't apper this year.

THE UGLY - Not technically a race, but oh, that warmup pool. It was quite literally unsafe, both from a general swimmer safety perspective and from a pandemic standpoint. 189 swimmers in 8 SCM lanes all trying to warm up in under 30 minutes. Dumb in The Before Times, dumb during a pandemic, dumb after the pandemic!

Oh yes, the backstroke wedges. Multiple folks with the county promised us that some version of backstroke wedges would be available for us. And these conversations started weeks ago, before entries were even open. When we walked into the circus, none of the meet staff knew anything about wedges and we got various stories depending on who we talked to. I think they all forget that both me and husband have coached for the county, so we know pretty much all the full time staff and that we have insider info that the average USMS swimmer wouldn't. Just give us the truth instead of trying to make it sound like we don't know what we're talking about.

All in all, we'll still do this meet in the years that we're doing Zones the week after, since our pool is always closed for a kid's meet this weekend. But man oh man, it seems to get more squirrelly every year!

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