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Back to Kona

PR by 22 minutes, course record run (over 50). Second (Second!?!) age Group

Going in, I knew the weather was going to good for fast times. Swim was wetsuit legal, forecast for overcast skies. The morning of the race, went to air up the tires and the front wouldn't take air. Ugh, my valve extender threads had stripped somehow! After fooling with it for way too long, I went to the neutral support, they but a butyl tube in place of my latex, and I tried to calm the nerves.

Made it to swim start, got the BlueSeventy Helix up and adjusted in the shoulders (my key!). Headed to the "back of the front blob", which is where I belong. The start is always somewhat surreal, as once that gun goes off, months of prep flash by, then the water wakes you up! Felt like I got into a good rhythm, but never did find those magical slightly faster feet to pull me along. Felt steady, really never an issue.

Swim split - 55:39 (yeah, downriver...and lots of flow this year) 44th in AG

T1 - Really didn't feel like I dawdled, but almost 6 minutes.

 Bike - Felt great, held back and absolutely nailed my nutrition. Probably could have gone a tad harder on the bike, but I'm not complaining. Power did start to fade a bit at mile 80, according to the data.

Bike Split: 5:15:36 - 2nd in AG

T2 - 4:47 Knew I took some extra time to put Vaseline on the feet, but apparently I could have had lunch in there.

Run - Started out thinking 7:30 - 7:40 was the range. Stayed there until the hills, let those splits be "whatever", then back to work on the flats. Second lap on the flats, started to feel the day a bit, and those 7:20's started creeping into the high 7:30's, then 7:40's. Mile 20, saw the first 8:xx, tried to pull up the rally cap, but a tthat point in the day the negotiations were over. Finsh was the key. Really disappointed I wasn't able to rally those last few, but by teh time I was close to the finish line, the pain was gone!

Run Split - 3:22:11 - 1st in AG, course record in 50-54 Age Group!

Gutted to finish 2nd in my age group, but I really, in retrospect, had a pretty geat day all told, have to be happy with that.

And, back to Kona for a second go at it, VERY happy with that!!!

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