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Everyone Should Try SwimRun!

A great race set in at a stunning Pacific NW location!

I found SwimRun in 2019, and it's quickly become one of my favorite activities. Whenever I tell people that you're swimming in the sneakers and running in your wetsuit, their jaw drops. I'm lucky to have wrangled one of my triathlon friend and fellow B70 teammate, Andrew, into being my SwimRun partner. 2021 was the second time we'd raced at Orcas Island, WA - third time if you count our 2020 self-supported race. In 2019, we took a wrong turn on the course and added on some extra run miles, and a BIG hill. This year, our goal was to stay on course and try to beat our old time. Lucky for us, they changed up the course a bit and that extra hill we did in 2019 was now part of the 2021 course!

SwimRun is one of those sports you don't mind doing in the rain when it's 55*F outside. You're already wet and at least you won't overheat while running in a wetsuit. The 2021 race weather met all of those goals. :-) Orcas Island is a scenic PNW wonderland that is almost more endearing in the rain. The trees drip with moss and the leaves were starting to change colors. The water is clear and cool and full of fun things to see as you swim. 

The course was hard, but fun. The company was good. And the pizza/beer at the end got me through the last couple of miles of running. 

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