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A Great Day

A fantastic race in every way, I will add more detail to this report.

Ironman Maryland.  After triathloning for 18 years I decided that this was the year to try my first full distance race.  My biggest concern was that I would like it too much.  Guess what?  I did.  It exceeded all of my already high expectations!


The training felt great.  In retrospect I guess I should have done more brick runs, but that just gives me something to focus on for next year.


The town of Cambridge MD was amazing!  I had one resident give me his phone number and he told me if I needed anything to call.  Another person came out of the house to chat with me the day before the race and told me to just ask if I needed anything.  To a person they were wonderful!


The race director Angie Hengst does an amazing job communicating with the athletes via email and social media.  I am sure she also has a lot to do with the great relations with the town of Cambridge.


The jellyfish, sea nettles were a concern.  I decided to go for a test swim on Friday evening before the Saturday race.  I wanted to see how I reacted to a few stings.  I decided to wear a full sleeve wetsuit for the swim.  My plan to protect my exposed face, hands and feet was to first apply lots of sun screen to those areas and let it dry, once dry I applied a thick layer of Vaseline.  I dove in and started my swim, I got a sting on my wrist, my foot and my face.  It  felt like a mild shock and the area was tingling for about an hour, but it never got worse than that for me.  This gave me a lot of confidence going into race day.  With lots of suntan lotion and Vaseline they did not bother me much.


On race day the swim went well.  Several stings but nothing I noticed after I was on the bike.  


The bike course was lovely.  The roads are beautifully paved.  This Northeasterner only dreams of pavement like this for 100 plus miles.  With a relatively modest effort the miles flew by with an 18.1 mph average.  I finished the bike ahead of schedule and excited to start the run.


At mile six of the run the wheels fell off…. I had hoped to run at least the first 13 but that was not to be.  I had to walk for a while and started drinking cola to get myself going again.  After a mile or so I settled in to a run one minute walk three minutes strategy.  This kept me going and my spirts were good.  I knew I would finish if I just kept this up.  


The people on the course were very entertaining and I enjoyed every aspect of the race.


I finished in 14 hours and 44 minutes.  I am very pleased with my first Ironman and have things to work on for my next.


It was great to meet other Blueseventy people out there.  Tim Delss so nice to meet you and I hope to get down there for another in the near future.  Nick Langer it was fun to have a quick chat with you as you powered past me on your second lap of the bike.


When asked what one word I would use to describe this experience I replied “Beautiful”.


The human spirt laid out for all to see, and great weather as well!


I’ll expand on this post and log it as a race report in the next week or so.

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