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First Full Ironman

Great day, beautiful location, perfect weather.

I had this race on my schedule for last year, but due to COVID, it got cancelled and deferred until this year, so I have been waiting for this for quite some time. Have to say that the location is beautiful and everyone was very friendly.   

My first full Ironman, but my coach Lisa Roberts has won this race before and indeed even holds the course run record here, so she was able to give me some great tips about how to pace myself on this race so that I didn't stall out at the end.

The swim is definitely not my strongest discipline, so I am always nervous about that part of any race.  The river was cold enough that the swim was wetsuit legal, so with that and a little help from the current, I was able to pull off a 1:08 on the swim, and for the first time I can say that I actually didn't have any real panicky moments, like I usually do when I first hit the water.

The transition to the bike was a little hectic as my timing chip fell apart when I pulled my wetsuit off! I was able to find a volunteer, who helped me get it fixed, so I could get it back on and get on my way.  The bike on this race is not 112 but rather 116  miles - some of which is on fairly bumpy road conditions with plenty of rolling hills.  They had good course support though and plenty of aid stations, so for the most part the bike went well.

The run is a two loop course with some pretty wicked hills on the second half.  They were tough the first time around, they were brutal on the second time, once it started to get dark and the temperature dropped.  Hit a pretty dark spot mentally and physically around mile 18, but managed to pull through it and finish it out.

My main goal in this was obviously to finish, but went in with a goal time of 14:00 - Managed to pull off  13:49 so i was happy with the outcome.

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