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Fastest Half Iron - It always feels better on home turf

Despite the weather outlook, the day of turned to be pretty amazing. Fast course, barely any hills, the run was beautiful and the swim...oh the swim as the clouds broke and with every stroke you could peak at tree tops and filtered morning light. That is what the PNW is all about. If you are looking for a true Pacific Northwest Triathlon, cool, a little wet, some rolling hills and amazing course - this is it! Thanks to the BLUE SEVENTY CHEER SQUAD and Volunteers on Mile 8ish of the run - it was great to rock with you guys !!

Last race of the season for me, had to give it all I had. I tried hard to break the 6 hour boundary and almost got there but couldn't do it. 6:05:37. It's Ok. This leaves room for improvement. Knowing this was home turf in the Seattle Area, the weather is known so I had to bring it and represent.

The organization was amazing - parking was OK - a bit of confussion with shuttles and road clousres - that could of been better but the event on it's own was great. The swim entry and spacing was perfect. Safe, masked, felt great all around. Once into transition - muddy ofcourse, but not a big issue. Riding out of the transition takes you around a few Maple Valle roads around Covington, Black Diamon, Enunclaw and back to Maple Valley. Very scenic ride with farms, a few rolling hills, lots of trees.

Transitioning to the run was good - the run out of Lake Wilderness takes you on the Cedar River Trail which is great packed gravel with a perfect tree canopy. Beautiful rain or shine. Supported with aid station every 1 to 1.5 miles no need for extra hydration. All the goodies from Cola, wather, gatorade, gels, chips, oreos, bananas, all your tummy can handle or desire.

The killer is a small hill as you run into the finish line - of course, there is a last little bump. Free beer and water at the end along with pizza was well deserved. All in all - one of my favorite 70.3 events. Felt at home.


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