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Weather forecast was wet... but how wet?

The weather held out, and I finally had a complete race with no mistakes.

Going into this race, my goal was to make zero mistakes. The big factor I didn't know how to prepare for was how bad the weather was going to be. Typical Northwest rain is light and doesn't last long, but the forecast had it dumping rain all day.  I don't have a lot of experience riding in the rain, so I didn't know exactly what to wear, if I was going to be too warm or too cold and miserable.

I got to the race early.  Since it was 55 degrees out, decided to skip a swim warm up and just do a run.  I didn't know how long I was going to wait to start my race.  The race started 10 minutes late, I was in the middle of the swim line, so I ended up waiting for 35-40 minutes I believe.  

From the first several yards, the swim just felt right. I swam my race and didn't have any issues with fellow swimmers, maybe it was because they were only letting 3 swimmers in every 5 seconds, so it spread the field out more. I didn't need to stop and swam the entire course, no mistakes!

During T1, I took some time to figure out what the weather was going to do.  It wasn't raining, and I saw blue skies in the distance.  I took my chances, left my coat and only put on sleeves.  For the first half of the bike, my legs felt tight and heavy, but I kept pushing.  When I looked at my avg pace, I noticed that I was going faster each time. Not sure what my legs were feeling but they sure did show up.  I finished with my fastest bike of 2:48. Luckily the weather held didn't rain much.

With my last two 70.3 runs not going well, I was a little anxious.  I stuck to my plan, start slow and negative split the run.  I feel I could have gone a bit faster, but I'll push harder next race. 

The finish line was unreal. The last 200 yards was running in a tunnel of people all cheering with random people calling out your number.  The finish at Boulder was really small compared to this. Might have been to this race being the inaugural race and the community did show up and support it.  It didn't start to rain until about the time I was ready to head home.  The race could have definitely been a lot different if it rained like it was supposed to.

I completed a race with no big mistakes and was shocked to see that I finished in 5:32.


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