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Did not Finish - DNF

I took a DNF because I was having an asthma attack.


So I tried to Swim the Avenues, a race held in Redondo Beach annually. It’s a 1 mile race and the water was real choppy with lots of current and moving my body through the water proved to be a real challenge. I have swum in other races like Seal Beach and Oceanside with similar conditions but this swim was different. I was about 400 meters out from the finish and every couple of strokes I would have to stop, tread water and I would cough so deeply that I was struggling to get a deep and full breath. I recognized that I was having an asthma attack but I did not have my inhaler on my person. So after starting and stopping multiple times and feeling my heart rate elevated I called the lifeguards for a tow out. I decided not to finish the race for my health. On any given day I can easily swim another 400 but not on Sunday. I’m sharing this to tell you all that it’s important to listen to yourself and take care. No one else can do this for you. Each day is unique. If you don’t meet your goals just keep trying and surround yourself with folks who empower you to keep striving for better.

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