blueseventy racing

An awesome ride for an interesting race format

I rode the bike leg for my relay team in this point-to-point triathlon that goes from South Berwick, ME to Mount Washington in New Hampshire with the fastest bike split on the day out of the whole field.

This was a crazy race. I knew I was going to go fast but I was on the fence whether to race it high IM pace or just go as hard as possible. My legs chose the latter. I got passed at the second turn when I was trying to get started after waiting for traffic and my brain switched into competitor mode. I put the hammer down to pass him back like he wasn't moving and then chased down every rider I saw. When the rise to the finish started around mile 82, I knew I only had 10 to go and decided to just empty the tank. I wound up with the fastest ride of the day by about 20 minutes.

I love a relay for a good single sport fitness test. This point to point format where you need to plan out every detail including aid stations made for a pretty cool challenge. Tricia, Andy, and Katherine were total pros helping me pull off flying bottle swaps. I only stressed them out a little bit going way faster than planned for the first and last legs.

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