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Ironman Atlantic City 70.3 at low tide and windy

Nature could have been nicer by giving us a high tide and no wind. The Ironman corporation did a fantastic job. Covid forced them to do some changes to the check-in ... now faster, and to eliminate body marking ... usually a slow pain. Nice beer garden near the finish. Great for rehydrating!!!

Swim is in a protected inlet off the ocean.  The course is a single clockwise rectangle.  There were no waves.  However, it was low tide.  There was a large chunk of the return side that was 3ft or less deep.  I could touch bottom with my finger tips.  Some people actually stood up and walked.  At least one ended with a severe cut (or two) on his feet:  guessing glass, shells, sharp rocks, etc.  Muck filled the water in this section, so swimming in black / zero visibility.  Heard another triathlete later say she had done this race 3 times and this was first of low tide.  She previously loved the swim course.  So, your experience may vary.  I suspect the swim would have been fine if high tide.  I still improved my swim time by 12 minutes compared to June (yep, fighting to get back in shape).

Bike is a two and half looper.  Significant portions of that are on an expressway with traffic.  The right lane and shoulder are marked off for the bicyclists.  Real problem is that this section of the bike has zero wind protection and wind was blowing across the road (still better than a headwind).  Off the expressway is a nice ride, but it was mostly a business area so no cheering crowds.

Eleven miles of the run are on the board walk.  I really liked it.  Ocean view the entire time.  Other athletes said they hated it, not sure why.  Some places had heavy wind exposure.  Had to take my hat off for fear of it blowing out to sea a couple of times.  But same wind did wick the sweat and heat away.

I would happily do the race again if it was not a 6 hour commute for me.

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