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Preparation and Hard Work Pays Off!

What a great day of racing in Freedom, NH. Beautiful course, great conditions!

I set my alarm to go off at 4:00, because I was driving to the race that morning. I woke up prior to my alrm going off (I mean who can sleep the night before a race? Am I right?) I glanced at my watch quickly; 3:30, so no big deal. When I got downstairs, I realized it was only 2:30. Oh well, no going back to bed now. I gathered my gear, prepped my nutrition and coffee, and off I went. 

I arrived at the race venue, Camp Calumet in Freedom, NH (just outside of Ossipee) at 5:15. It was dark as I put air into my tires, and the temps had dropped a bit from the higher heat and mugginess we had earlier in the week. I got my race packet, self-body marked, and headed to transition. There was a combination of regular hanging racks and rear wheel channel racks. I have a love/hate relationship with these things. Super easy to get in/out, but half the time my wheels are between sizes for the rack, leaving my bike a little unstable. Sure enough, my bike toppled over while setting up my transition spot, creating a smidge of anxiety. I cranked down the wheel channel in place as far as it would go and hoped for the best. Got everything set up, put on my sleeveless Reaction, and headed down to the water. I got in a good swim warm up, then got out for the pre-race briefing. I was starting to feel a little cold. Let's get this thing going! Fortunately, I was in wave 2, and didn't have to wait too long. Finally, my race was about to start, and I was back in the water. 

Once my race had started, I had no trouble sighting for the bouys. However, the water was warmer than I had expected, and I was having hot flashes on/off. It was the kind of overheated feeling that can be nauseating. I just wanted it to be over. Once I'd made the turn to head back to the beach, I was feeling a bit better. Out of the water and in to T1 : 35.:56.

On to the bike, the roads were in great shape and were dry. Perfect! Lots of rollers. Around mile 10, there was an intermittant climb; climb a bit, level, climb a bit, level. This went on for about a mile and a half. Then the descent. WOW! I wasn't peddling because I was geared out. I stayed, for the most part, in a tight tuck with my hands securely on the horns. I topped out at 42 mph; such a blast! There were a couple of logging trucks on the road where I had to very carefully negotiate my path, that part was not fun. I was happy to get back to T2, ahead of my predicted bike time: 1:05:54 (7th overall fastest bike split, and 2nd for females).

Then, it was time for the run. I haven't done as much running this summer as I have in the past. It's just been too bloody hot. So in past years I'd think "6 miles, no big deal". This year has been different. Thank goodness the surroundings and view of the White Mountains were a welcome distraction. Once I hit the turnaround at mile 3, it was still pretty, just no more mountains. "Quick Cammie! Think of some songs, stat!" My mind toggled between Elvis Costello's "Veronica", and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" for about 2 miles. With just over a mile to go, I was able to pick up the pace, and I passed a few people. The finish line was down on the beach, right near where it had all started less than 3 hours earlier. Run time: 59:29.

Total race time: 2:44:13. 1st Place AG F55-59. Super excited and proud about this win!


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