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First Olympic Distance Race Finish

Redemption Time

First time racing this distance I took a DNF so this was my first official Olympic Distance finish. 

I was able to finally do a long distance swim without technically stopping other than to sight as there were not enough buoys on the course and some were even confusing at best. I still know there is some room for improvement so we will continue to work on my swim.

On the bike, my power meter didn’t connect to my Garmin (again) so I had no power or cadence. Went be RPE and kept an eye on HR and speed as I focused on managing the terrain. According to Strava my average power was 238. I think that was a bit of a generous estimate but that being said I did PR the 40k distance, taking over 4 minutes of my previous effort on a similar course. I felt in control and all I could hear was MD saying manage the terrain.

On to the run, I made sure I found my leg speed quickly out of T2 and was able to get into a rhythm relatively quick. I knew this was going to hurt if I was going to hit my target power and pace for the 10k. My target power was between 260-270 and I ended up averaging 262 @ a pace of 7:10 per mile, which was just 10 seconds per mile of my goal and a 10k PR off the bike. I came into the race with some knee pain so a couple of days prior I wasn’t even sure I’d be able or if I even should race but come race day I was able to run relatively pain free.

In the end I was happy with the results, although I know there is space for improvement.


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