Blue70 Racing

100M Free, 50 M Back, 50 M Breast, 200 M Back

I cut time on most everything but the breast. I really don't like breast stroke.

So Sunday was the busisest day for me at the pool with lots of short races.  I opened with the 100 M Free and even though I thought it would take me 1 min per each 50, I put my seed time as 3min and ended up swimming this at 1:50:81 and was pleased to be under 2 min!

The 50 back was next and I entered that at 1:05:29.  I really think I have a great backstroke start with the use of the wedge and I got a great underwater fly start.  I did this race with a time of 1:03:75!  Yay!

Next up was the 50 M breast, and I was not happy with my performace on this race, I felt tired as the race started and my entr off the blocks laced a good amount of streamlining before I started my pullout.  At about 75% of the way down the lane I was exhaused and I was slower at 1:09:99 then my entry time of 56:52.  I got out touched by the person next to me and I was mad!

My final race was the 200 Back and I had a good start off the wedge.  My seed time was 5:00:00 as I had never swum this in LCM and was unsure of a good time for myself.  My final turn at the 150 was horrid, I miscalcuated the number of strokes and slammed into the wall, and was startled, and then did not get a good underwater push off for the last 50.  I still did this race at 4:44:17, but I think I can swim this faster in the future.




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