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1500M Free & 400 IM

Southwest Zone Summer LCM Championships - Mission Viejo 1500M Free & 400 IM - Highs and Challenges

I have never swum the 1 mile in the long course meter format and so I did not have an accurate seed time and guessed a very high entry time of 35 min.  Well the event was seeded from fastest to slowest and I went in the last heat.  There were only 3 of us in the heat and I expected to go about 33 min. becasue that is similiar to what I had swum this in short course meters and yards.  Well, I have been training quite a bit with a focus on form and technique.  I ended up lapping the other two folks in my lane and I was elated to hear the hand bell rung for me as I came into the final lap.  This was a first for me.  It was the jewel of the day!  My seed time was 35 min and I swam this in 31:06:97!

Then becase of my seed time on the 400 IM at 10:17:40, I was in the first heat of the womens 400 IM which was swum immediatly after the 1500 IM.  Luckily some of the ref's realized that I was swimming back to back and I got a 5 min break before swimming this event.  The 100 fly at the start was the most difficult.  At the 50 meter mark, I held the wall for 5 seconds to catch my breath, since fly kicks up my asthma.  I finished the fly and then headed into all the other 3 strokes, completing this event with a time of 9:19:24.  I was exhaused and very pleased.





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