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Finally get to race 2 years later.

I was scheduled to race IMCDa in late June,  but living in ireland meant travel was going to be diffcult to get to the race so entered Ironman Lanzarote on Juily 3 last minute. I'm 6 foot 3 + and 87 kg so I wasn't expecting fast times or placings on this hot, windy and very hilly course.


No pool access for a long time was made a lot easier by the BlueSeventy Helix suit :) . Took it realtively steady round the course and water In Lanzarote was amazing with clear views to the bottom all the way round .


Epic winds all day made for a very tough bike leg where you have to get from Playa Blanca on the far south of the Island all the way north to Mirador del Rio into a gusting headwing for nearly 3 hours straight before tailwind back to T2. Compuiter was showing Temp 34 C on the road so kept pacing steady anticipating a hot run. Max speed on tailwind back toped out at 94 Km/hr freewheeling in aero postiion on shallow striaght descent.


The heat and humidity on run along Puerto del Carmen meant I knew I'd have to hold back loads to avoid overehating. This race normally runs in May before rescheduling this year due to Covid so lot hottel than normal. Picked up as much ice as I could and dumped it down the front of the castelli Speedsuit along the way. I stuck to nutrition mix SIS gels and Maurten drink from special needs coupled with salt tabs. 42k later and had made it! 

So I was happy to get a race in and ready to start planning a fall IM race where I could get a proper block of Swim training in and some bike /sea swim races to shapen up again. However pretty shocked next day to see that Slots for Kona were increased and with a few Qualifiers for 21 already ahead of me I got a slot for 50/54 age group. This is my third time heading to Kona and my wife and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary one week after so we will hang around to chill a little longer this time.

Currently I'm working at Olympic Games in Tokyo for Irish Sailing Team ( Team Physiotherapist and Physical Performance Role) so trianing will begin once I get back at the star tof August. 


Mark McCabe 



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