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Good reset, now lets race!

July 19, 2021 - I didn't die this time, and was able to reset mentally, so now lets get it on!

After a very rough race 6 weeks ago, I wasn't very sure about myself, my ability to race or whether I had made a big mistake in deciding to try this sport again. I let the voices in my head really play the bad game and just wasn't sure what to do. So I sat down with my wife and we revisited the race schedule. I decided to run a few sprint distances just to reset myself and to rebuild that confidence. 

Yesterday’s race was the first of them and wow, what a great day to race and what a great race! It started with a gorgeous sunrise and a cool 67 morning. The water temp was 75 and felt amazing! Very few racers had wetsuits, and I opted not to wear mine. I know this cost me a little bit of time, but I didn’t want to roast myself like I did a few weeks ago. 

My T1 and Bike times were pretty good with both being in the top 30%. The GPS file uploaded by the RD was incorrect and showed several hills that just didn’t exist. I would have pushed a lot harder in the flats had I known I wouldn’t be doing all the climbing I expected. Overall, still pleased with the ride.

My run felt good, and was admittedly very slow and chatty. But, I was committed to just running and having a good time. And I did just that. 

At the end of the day, my “reset race” landed me with a podium finish at 3rd in my age group and mid-pack overall. I was pleased considering I was only there to reset the voices in my head. Looking forward to a few weeks from now when I will actually go out and actually race!

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