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July 17, 2021 - 1st Overall Amateur Female 4th Overall Female, beating 5 Professional Female Triathlete's 2nd fastest final run leg

Pre-race: broken derailleur hanger by bag handlers/TSA, made the day before fun calling over 20 bike stores to find a replacement. @togabikes thankfully came through making me one.

Found out the night before the swim was canceled due to the bacteria level of the Hudson.... there went my chance of the Delta booster shot.

With the race now being just over a 1.5km run/ 40km ride/ 10km run, I knew was prime for me to beat some Female Pro athletes.

Run 1: I raced in the Premier category (some know as Open/ Elite Amateurs). We started 7min behind the Female Pro's. This was a quick mile run not overdoing the legs.

Ride: quite undulating, way hillier than I thought NYC could supply. 870ft of climbing. I focus on working over the crests and keeping the power on to speed into the descents quicker. I caught my first Pro Female by the end of the bike. I was nervous I was pushing too hard but hedged my bets.

Run: I had not realized the first 1km of the run, 96th st was all uphill. I looked down at my watch at one point to see 4.06 min/km pace and thought well this run is not going to go to plan. Later found out took the Strava QOM for 96th st.... till Amy the winner uploaded her run ??... I'll accept the 2nd. In Central Park my pace improved. I tried to push up hills, and focus on increasing the leg turnover on the downhills. About km 3 is when the next Female Pro came into sight; so I slowly reeled her in. Over the run I reeled in two more, but one (Howell) took me back about 1.5km to go. I kept Howell in sight, and we closed on NYC local Pro legend Rebecca Wassner; given I had started 7min behind I knew my chip time was going to beat them both.

I ran under 39min which is what I wanted and mixed it with Pro level athletes. I knew prior I could do both, I was ready to prove it.

Next race: USA Nationals Aug 7th


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