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Sunrise Run out at Old Tucson

July 12, 2021 - Happy with the outcome today!

I have done this race several times, so I know the course well.  Always done in the summer and right as the sun is just beginning to come up over the Tucson mountains.  Best time of day to be running here to beat the summertime heat.  

This year I got my daughter to come with me, her first run that was over anything over a 5k, and she did great.  I am prepping for IM Chattanooga, so I needed to get some extra mileage in this morning.  Opted to do a 2.5 mile pre race warmup, so I wasn't sure how I would fare during the race, but I tend to do better a few miles in on most runs anyway - turned out to be a good thing.  I found my stride right away and ended up with AG 2nd, which I have never been able to accomplish in my previous attempts here.  Morning was beautiful and about 85 degrees at the start (which is actually not bad for here), beautiful sunrise and just a light breeze. Finished up and then did another 3 miles post race as a cool down.   Good day all around.


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