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Not great race, but a valuable one

July 07, 2021 - 3rd overall female to two Pro's. 2nd fastest bike and 2nd fastest run, so beating a Pro in each of those two legs.

Loveland Lake to Lake - local race. The race was for training, not an all-out race. It was certainly not a great race, but it was a valuable one. Took 3rd to two Pro cardholders.

Pre-race: little too relaxed rocking up with no time to warm-up, rush to get transition set up, put my wetsuit on 2min before the gun went. Muscles were sore from the weeks training, but also an emphasis on how important sleep is; which between work, training, moving, and no blinds, I realized my muscles were not recovering like usual.... and were just sore.

Swim: terrible, went out a little too hard considering no warm-up. HR got out of control, considered calling it, but a little backstroke, breaststroke, and reminding myself this is just training, so mentally let's get out of this space.

Ride: this race was not the standard 40km, it was 50km/ 30miles. It had some climbing, I usually like fast and flat, but this is also why I chose this race for training, to step out of my comfort zone. Again my lack of preparation showed. My straw wasn't in my hydration system correctly, so I couldn't get any water to come out (thankfully I hydrated well with Lake water in the swim). Eventually, I ripped the staw out and put it in the backup top hole. However.... I may have also forgotten my water nutrition, and used a backup electrolyte. First time using this product, and my water was as salty as the red sea, so only took a couple of sips my whole ride. I didn't try to crush the bike, still embracing the training aspect.

Run: despite my muscle soreness, my body felt ok, but I could tell mentally I was just drained. I made a conscious decision to just sit easy, which I did, supported by my HR max on the run only reaching 171 bpm, lower than my bike, and usually on my run I'm at least in the 190s, if not breaking 200. Finished in a time of 39.44, so given that was my comfortable, I take that as a good sign.

3rd overall to two Pro cardholders, but 2nd faster bike, 2nd fastest run.... got to keep working on that swim AND next time rock up with more prep time!!


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