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Wholly Wind!

I planned my race and raced my plan.

Race day started out as any other race day with waking up early in the morning and heading to the course.  While in transition I was getting my transition area set up, filling my tires with air and getting my groceries on the bike.  After I had my area set up, I went over to use the bathroom and of course I end up in the slowest line.

While standing in line I could hear the pros getting called to walk to the pier where the swim starts at around 6:15 and I kept looking at my watch thinking this isn't supposed to start until 6:45. Then I heard the announcer call out projected swim times and have those groups start to line up.  Yes, I am still in line.  Needless to say, when I finally was able to stop doing the pee pee dance because I finally was able to use the porta potty, I hustled back to my transition spot and gathered up my wetsuit, goggles and swim cap.  I donned my wetsuit and began the walk to find my group with a projected finish between 30-35 minutes.

While waiting in line I met a couple from Aruba and a guy from Oklahoma City.  Everyone was ready to go after the long wait.  While visiting the line started moving to get us closer to the start line.  The long line we were in was eventually split into three lines for each individual dock where we would start.  When my time to start came I jumped into the water and my goggles shifted causing my right side to get flooded.  

After thinking I had solved my goggle problem I began to swim then had to stop and readjust my goggles and finally getting them on correctly.  My BlueSeventy Helix wetsuit was a different story during the swim.  This was the first time that I had ever used it after receiving it in the spring of 2020.  I know that using something new on race day is a forbidden thing to do but it worked out.  The Helix wetsuit is so comfortable I didn't realize it was on since there was no binding and my arms were able to move freely.  I did also break in my wetsuit twice during the swim, yeah you know what I'm talking about.  The water in the swim was a little choppy due to the wind.

Once I was out of the water, I had to strip my own wetsuit which I chose to do on the carpet as we exited the water as opposed to on the asphalt in transition. Once in transition I noticed that there were still a lot of bikes and that none had been removed from the rack my bike was on.  I did as we all do in transition with switching out gear and getting ready to move on.  While removing my bike from the rack somehow, I managed to get my bike stuck on the bike rack pole between my seat mounted water bottle cage and my seat.  After dislodging my bike, I was on my way to the bike in and out line which was at the farthest point from me.

I'm now on the bike and feeling good with the wind at my back and I am having to hold myself back.  I was holding myself back due to the wind since it was blowing about 18mph with gusts much higher.  As I was heading out on the out and back course, I knew I didn't want to push the bike and keep my power under 200 watts.  I didn't look at speed since I knew I was over 25mph.  I had to maintain my power because I was going to have to face the wind on the way back and suffer if I had burned myself out on the way out.  When I hit the turnaround, I was correct with how brutal the wind was going to be, and I passed a few people and was passed by a few people.  The wind wasn't satisfied with just being head on in some points as it decided to swirl in some points, and I hit a traffic cone.  After hitting the traffic cone, I had to stop to adjust a brake since it was rubbing my tire.

The ride is now over, and I pulled into transition and prepared for the run.  The run started out fine I wanted to run around an 8:30 pace to finish around 2 hours.  The run is not my strongest event!  I finished the run in 1:59. While on the run I soon found out that in a flat area and on a course that I had done before, the course was altered so that some hills could be found.  Sneaky buggers.  While on lap 1 I' cruising along around mile 2 and I see this BlueSeventy kit coming at me and I had to point it out since I only saw two other kits besides the one, I was wearing on the course.  While running I thought to myself, you know this was a good idea two years ago when I signed up.  The other thought I had was no matter what don't walk.

When on the third lap of the run I started to realize that I might be able to break 5 hours, which I didn't with a 5:19, as I was putting times together.  What I didn't know was my swim time and I was about 20 seconds slower per mile than I had planned on doing.  I was however pleased with my performance and now it is time to prepare for the next race.

Overall result:

26th place out of 157 in M 50-54




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