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Team organized Lake Swim

July 14, 2020 - When all events were canceled the Tacoma Washington Masters Team desided they would do what they could to fill the void, and it was a grand success.

With all our swim meets canceled and our pools closed, I was desperate to find folks swimming open water. My normal Masters group hadn't started getting organized yet, and I found a master's team in Tacoma about an hour away that was meeting to lake swim (they swim in the Puget Sound also but I haven't worked up to that yet). Anyway, the coach welcomed me to join in, so once a week since my team wet suit arrived, I have been making the drive down to swim a few miles with them.

It was about a month in the making, the Bernado All Stars organized a team swim around the perimeter of the lake (10K) along with a less intimidating swim around the lake’s central island (2.25 miles). I was all in! It was the most organized and well put on non-event I have ever attended. I felt completely safe, in the water and out. Kayak support in the water was awesome, and everyone respected social distancing and masks.

This wasn't a race. The focus was on coming together, to keep doing what we all enjoy. However, it made my day to find out I was 3rd out of the water. My prize was a custom Bernado mini cupcake and an awesome goody bag. Super Day!

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