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Mixed Order Triathlon

May 19, 2020 - Happy to swim!

I chose this race because of the military support and it was the opportunity to actually do a triathlon this year.  Since it was a virtual evemt, they were providing the option to do the event over 5 days and the 3 parts did not need to be done together.  You also did not need to swim - the 3rd category was athlete's choice.  My choice was to swim since that is my favorite discipline.

I started out with a Zwift ride on Volcano Flat.  I'm still pretty new at learning how to use Zwift.  After doing the Four Horsemen route on Saturday I was happy to do a shorter flatter route.  My intention was to use it to spin out and loosen my legs.  After about 5 minutes I decided I wanted to push and see what I could do.  I don't really know how accurate the correlation of a Zwift ride is to anythign in reality but I did 12 miles in just over 40 minutes which is faster than any other rides I have done.

The next leg I did was the swim.  It meant driving to a lake and going in the time frame my swim buddy can go (my sister) since it is not really the best idea ot open water swim alone.  The race said do 5-15 minutes for the athlete's choice.  I"m trying to build my tolerance to the cold a little more so we did about 25 minutes of an easy pace.  It was just over 800m with stops along the way since the water is still pretty cold.

My final leg was the run.  There is not really a good walking area by the lake that has sidewalks, so I drove to my sister's neighborhood and we did the trail behind her house.    There were still warning signs of a bear sighting along the trail.  That would have been a treat, but no bear today.  However, it was nice seeing a lot of baby ducks and geese along the way.

I find it hard to "race" in a virtual setting, but I enjoyed going out to do the 3 disciplines today.  Right now I'm struggling with the motivation with all of the staying home, so today my thoughts were focusing on enjoying nature and that I appreciate that I have the freedom to do this because of the sacrifices of others.

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