blueseventy racing

Virtual 5K

May 19, 2020 - race for a good cause

A couple years ago I did this racei in person.  It was the first race I was able to convince my boyfriend to do and we did the half marathon distance.  One of the reasons I picked this race then and this time was it was to support vets.  I was really hoping we would be doing this together this year too, but it ended up he was sent out of state for work and has to quarantine for 2 weeks.  We still did it together, but in separate states.  For most of us, nothing is as we has planned to it to be this year.  I'm still happy I did this even to support such a good cause.  When it was put on in person it was actually very emotional seeing all of the faces of vets whose lives were lost as you ran the course.  Even more emotional was seeing how many were lost to suicide.  I am gratefuil I had the opportunithy to do this event because there are so many out there whose lives were lost and there is no more opportunity.

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