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May 16, 2020 - racing during lockdown covid 19

Well, getting used to virtual racing, the new normal? would'nt suprise me.  VR6 in the books, the weather outside was chilly and rainy, the weather inside was a comfortable 72*.  My biggest complaint for my race?? YES, I need a bigger fan (still) lol.  I used Zwift for my race, i haven't tried Rouvy yet, only because it shows that it is not garmin compatible.  BOO!,  I still suck at Zwift riding, (HAHA), I did better this time on NOT climbing forever.  Now you have to realize I'm on a dumbtrainer (lemond revmaster) with Assiomo duo power pedals.  No matter how many times I say "WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTVATE"  The pedals keep staying the same, only using my leg power to pedal (a girl can dream)  The 10K run went well, i was trying to beat an hour, but I was dealing with a Siatic in my right hip and Bum, that has been showing it's ugly tennis ball feeling on and off since i did my own ROLL-O commerical on a trail run 1 month ago.  Right shoulder, hairline on collar bone, right hip, sprained left wrist.  Funny, on the commercial he didn't get hurt,,lol, but I sure did.  my 10K came in at 1:08:11, dam almost got that 60 min. Next Time.  Thats all for this report. Keep strong and safe team!

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