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First time doing a virtual race

April 25, 2020 - A different experience from in person races...

This was the first time I've done a virtual race.  It was also the first time doing a shorter distance like a 10K in probably 15 years.  One of the things that appeals to me about doing races is getting to experience other scenery.  Today, it was on the Foothills trail where I have been running almost daily for the last 6 weeks.  I did end up recruiting a few others to join me on the run - my boyfriend (lives with me so we can be close together), and then my sister who I run with frequently (yes, we keep our distance), and my niece.  Since it was a virtual "race", they knew they had to go the full distance and would not be able to talk me into turning around early.  

My goals with this race were a little different this time knowing it was not going to be the typical experience.

1.  It was replacing another race I was supposed to be doing this weekend that was cancelled.  

2.  I was curious where my time would be right now for a 10K.  Returning to running has been a slow journey with a lot of little obstacles along the way to slow it down, so I have a baseline to improve on.

3.  I wanted to support a local race director.  I am lucky enough to be working right now and this is a way I can help support a small business and help keep them around for future events.

4.  Mental health - I'm not particularly bothered by the working from home- I actually kind of like it.  I do miss gettiing to be outside and go in the woods, swim, hike, and climb, so this is a reasonable alternate for right now to make the best of what is available.

Will I do it again?  I signed us up for their Reflection Run that supports Vets in May. I did do a 5K on my own for time back in January, so this will let me see if I have any improvement there.



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