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Basking in the meet that wasn't today

April 12, 2020 - Instead of writing a race recap, since there was no PNA Championship this weekend to be had, I am going to bask in the sun and be grateful for this weekend spent in a much different way.

My plan this year had been to push for a national qualifying time and travel to Spring Nationals in San Antonio regardless of qualifying just for the experience. I spoiled myself with a new Blueseventy NeroTX, first tech suit ever, and was training hard 3-4 days a week. Added in running and had plans for yoga to avoid being plagued by the shoulder problems of past years. As the world can attest the cold and flu season hit early and took me out in mid-February, before all the crazy COVID-19 closures. After one workout back in the water annual maintenance followed by long term social distancing closures have forced most swimmers to reinvent themselves, me included.

I have switched over to running as I am sure many have. It seems the obvious option as I don't own a bike. For now, going out for a run is still “open” and I am physically able, not sure I could say the same about going out for a bike ride if I were to make the investment. So now that the gloomy back story is done, what did I do Easter weekend instead of joining my swim team for our annual PNA Zones/Championship fund raiser meet?

I was lucky enough to be blessed with an active family. We have beautiful weather here in Seattle right now, so we started Saturday off with a full family run/ride where my youngest rode his bike while the rest of us ran. My husband just signed up to participate in workouts with Lance through TrainingPeaks (going really great for him, THANKS LANCE!), so he was set for a 50 min run. My daughter and I extended our normal 2 mile run to 3 miles, and it was such a great way to start the weekend! We were all up and dressed before lunch time which right now isn't happening much. The sunshine drew us all outside to work in the yard. I love to garden and so the spring is lifting my spirit just when I needed it. My bulbs are blooming! I wanted to support local business and share the local tulip beauty so I sent flowers to my Mom and Mother in-law who received their flowers which were the most beautiful bunches from After turning our garden which is a chore, my husband braved the grocery and hardware store to bring home fresh tulips for me, and seeds to start a window herb garden! So we spent the day enjoying our sunny backyard, working and playing. 

The Easter bunny at our house set everyone’s alarm to 4:30am to make sure we woke up while it was still dark for a glow in the dark egg hunt using glowsticks from our local dollar store. I made cinnamon rolls the night before so after we woke up a second time about 8am we all enjoyed a treat. I convinced my husband not to skip out on the bike ride Lance had assigned, and had a long facetime with my parents and aunt.

This weekend was completely different then what I had planned for, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed, but I am also thrilled with how it turned out instead. Happy Easter to you and your families. I hope you were able to share it with someone special, and that all your facetime/zoom/skype gatherings had good connections! Get outside and stay active however you can.

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