Blue70 Racing

A crazy ass day!!!

Las Olas 2020. In the books

As a triathlete you just never can plan for every race detail , especially the weather , wind direction and speed or the  ocean conditions. The one sure fire thing with local races, the community comes out from everywhere . So fun to see everyone today racing the various distances and being safe 

. The ocean swim shortened to a sprint distance for all distances.   there was no swimming far out and there was the rock to avoid  near the shoreline . The buoy was on land   Crazy ass swim 

I definitely got knocked around  a bit Debbie Kautz Meitz was close by and we grabbed one another and got the hell out of there. Till I got squared away thru transition and out on the bike it was a little unnerving . The winds and gusts not friendly but I had as strong a ride as I could have and then my run which has  been a challenge lately  and under construction. I managed to shave 6 minutes off my total 10k time  chopping away at it gradually . Thank you Tyler Ross . More work to do but it’s working!!!!

Congrats to Alisa Doritte Bachana Jaffe first place Intl Duathlon. Stellar runs and speeds speed racer !! !!! Diane Courchene Diane Ragalie on their AG sprint and Aquabike wins 

All the hype about the winds and ocean totally on the money glad they had something although I think many of us wouldn’t have minded to run the beach instead 

It was a day of no kamikaze actions and mental fortitude plus bike handling skills and race plans . I was ready , I’ll take my 3 rd place and move on . It’s a long season but I’m glad this is under my belt . Plenty left to build  on . Bring on 61 . Game on for sure!!!


Good job battling Mother Nature ! 6 mins is awesome! Keep up the good work!