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Half Marathon PR

Busted my half marathon PR from 2012 by almost 4.5 minutes

I wanted to have a strong half effort and just see what happened.  This was a pretty small local race.  I did not alter Ironman training and did not taper.    I did an 80 mile bike ride the day before.  


I wanted to see what an offseason of trail running and strength-based hill running would make me run when going for it.

From the start to mile 10, I stayed in low zone 4 and just the pace be the pace.  I didn't race anyone and just focused on form, stride rate, and heart rate.  I started pouring out everything over the last 5K.  The last 3 miles were my fastest mile.  My last mile was my fastest mile at 6:30.  New PR of 1:29:06, which was a 6:48 pace!

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