Blue70 Racing

Miami Half Marathon

Looking to improve my 1:46:25 personal best from last year. I wanted to get to at least 1:40:00 but ended up finishing in 1:35:13.

This race was more of a hard training session and a test of fitness as I get ready for my first 70.3 of 2020 in IM 70.3 Puerto Rico. I have been increasing my training load and on the Saturday before the race I did a main key bike workout that included 9 x 5 mile efforts at race pace (~200 watts). Needless to say, on Sunday morning I did not have fresh legs, which was part of the plan. It was a humid morning even though the temperatures were comfortably in the low 70's and there was cloud cover for most of the day.

My race plan was to stay between 260 and 270 watts (using Stryd). After the first couple of miles i settled into a nice 7:15 per mile pace which i held for most of the race. By mile 10 my left calf began to feel very tight and my focus went mostly to that as I do not want to get injured so close to an A race. Still pushed through and pickeup the pace back up to 7:18 per mile for the last 3 miles finishing in 1:37:32. The race was slightly longer with a total distance of 13.40 so at the 13.1 mark I was at 1:35:13, which was 11 minutes faster than last year.

Overall this was a good test of where my fitness is at the moment. With 5 more weeks to go until my 70.3 I am excited about what I might be able to accomplish then.


I live in Miami. This was the third time doing the half marathon.

Awesome job PRing the course after a tough workout the day before! I’d love to hear more about your visit to Miami and what you thought about it, as I’m thinking about moving there in a year!