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Somethings went really well...

Race: Mixed 1500m Pool: Bellevue Club indoor 25m pool Seed Time: 27:45, Seed Overall: 37 Actual Time: 26:06.25 Overall: 34

The Bellevue Club Masters Mile is a race I have wanted to do in years past but always conflicts with snow skiing so this was my first time to participate. I had a to sacrifice a day in the snow with my family, but overall it was really great event. I normally compete in the morning so I am not sure if this being an afternoon race tripped me up or just that I was on my own without my normal family support crowd. I was nervous all day about finding the club, being on time, my start, who would count for me. I forgot to pack water and snacks which for an afternoon even was crucial I think. I did eat a small breakfast but by 2:30 when I swam combined with all my nerves I think I experienced very low blood glucose during my race resulting in a splitting headache that did not resolve until sleeping that night.

Arriving, the facility is extremely nice. 2 indoor 25 m pools, 1 used for the event. I met up with Bluewave Aquatic (BWAQ) team mates and found one to count for me, and offered to count for them. I did a short warmup trying to get a feel for the walls because I normally swim in a 25 yrd pool and then focused on my starts which is where I was concerned about either loosing or having my googles fill with water. After some great tips from another BWAQ swimmer my starts were feeling pretty good. I should point out that the starting blocks are extremely tall compared to what I am used to using. After warmups which started at 12 it was a long wait for Heat 5 even though the meet ran very efficiently. I got really cold sitting on the deck, and remember thinking that Blue Seventy should market swim parkas. I would be first in line.

My race started well, good start using the pointers I got earlier. I struggled with the walls, finding a good distance for my turns, and trying to find a breathing pattern that felt good. I normally breath every 4 strokes or every 3 if I alternate, but I was purposely avoiding watching the clock as I swam. The wall beside the pool has a great display for each lane so if you like to see your time as you go it would have been really convenient. A little over halfway through the race (or if I check my splits lap 22) I started having issues feeling nauseous, and was actually worried I would throw up in the pool. My pace started to slow down a little more each 50 I swam. Proud I kept on going and it got better. I was able to pull out a strong last 50 and felt good about my finish.

I would like to swim this event again. I think I made some mistakes, I want to correct. I definitely want to beat my time and really liked the pool. If you are considering this race next year I think you should give it a try, just don’t forget some snacks!

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