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Bellevue Masters Mile: We start the year with a benchmark!

For many, records were set. For me, there is speed work to be done! (My mile: 28:40 this year, yikes!)

What a fantastic, supportive group of swimmers we have in masters here in the Pacific Northwest. It takes a certain breed of human to slog through 1500m nonstop, staring down at a black line in the pool. But we turned out, we churned through it, and we are humbled by the effort made between volunteers and athletes to make complex meets like these flow successfully.

This was my second EVER pool event at the ripe age of 51. It was my very first event yesterday starting off the block; I had practiced with a local coach and swimmer just the day prior and she had me leaping in no time. The thing is, Bellevue's blocks are nearly hip high! Nothing like the knee-high ones I practiced off on Saturday. I still did it and all was soaring.

My 2019 mile was 27:43 at this thing. My 2020 time was 57 seconds slower - phooey. This is an opportunity to revisit interval training and work on my left side rotation. What I lacked in edging up my time, I congratulate Blue Seventy Racing swimmer Gail Geldien, whom I haven't met but she did awesome this year at the event (saw in results!). 

You know what performed really well this race? My BlueSeventy Flow goggles! They were comfy, stayed on for that start off the block, never fogged and never leaked. I'll call that a win! Onward! 


Heidi - I was such a nervous wreck for this meet I didn't think to wish you good luck in your swim! Sounds like it was a good day for you. I want to thank you so much for your praise. My own swim had some ups and downs which I plan to share in my own recap, but I was so DONE after the race I did not see my results, so waiting for them to be posted. What a beautiful facility we had the opportunity to enjoy, and the meet was run lickity split. I will definitely try to make this a regular event, so maybe we will meet up next time or before. Congratulations of swimming a mile!